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Depict1 Depict1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game

very good game. became a bit routine after a while, and the puzzles were a bit predictable near the end - if it were any longer this would have been a problem, however i thought the game flowed perfectly.

took me a while, but i managed to get the 'real' ending. don't wanna give anything away, but it's worth the struggle. :)

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Sonny 2 Sonny 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Intriguing, to say the least

I'll admit I had no idea the "Sonny" series even existed 'til this submission, and boy am I kicking myself in the ass for that now. After completing this game and being well on my way to being the victor of the first, I gotta say, man... hats off to you!

Elements of old-school RPGs mixed with the not-so-irritating style of newer ones gave this game a perfect balance. It's short, to the point, and most importantly, it keeps you intrigued enough to actually care what the ending may hold - and that's good given it's overall length. Long but not too long, I pumped a couple of hours into this game before reaching the final cinematic, and didn't lose any interest along the way.

The graphics are fantastic - not overdone, but not lazily slapped together. The battle scenes as well as the towns, scenery, and characters seem to be put together meticulously, so great job on that.

The music and sound effects did a great job for setting the tone of wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing there, but to me, the voice acting is where the audio really shines in this one. Elements such as this help to keep you drawn in and develop some character development along the way.

It's challenging, though it could stand to be a little more-so - I played through as the Hydraulic Zombie and the further along I went, the battles almost became progressively easier. I could tell the programming and enemies' abilities were exactly what they needed to be, but as stated, no battle was especially tough to make me fear for my characters' lives.

A great game overall... I think I actually appreciate this more than the mainstream RPGs (*cough*finalfantasy*cough*) - it's straightforward, yet detailed enough to have kept me wanting to reach the end of this bad boy.

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Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0 Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ah, Megaman RPGs...

"Oh God... another Megaman RPG. Great."

After playing those other two, erm... 'lackluster' Megaman RPGs on here, I didn't have much hope for this one. Thank God you proved me wrong.

I'm not sure how much influence from the official Megaman RPG-style games (Battle Net? I have no clue...) you drew for this one, and frankly I don't care. This game is good and it's got me excited for the next installment. Gah, how I hate waiting!

The whole game just brought forth an original spin on what is hands-down my favourite classic video game series of all time. Battle Chips? Dunno where the hell they came from, but I like it! It's got all the elements of your standard RPG, what with your items, upgrades, armour, weaponry, so on and so forth, and if this is but a taste of what we'll be eating in the next few courses, you can rest assured I'll be tipping ten percent. ;-)

Scoring 8 for the "buggy, demo" feel overall, though that was not enough to keep me from enjoying this game the way it was meant to be enjoyed. It's good to see someone finally giving Megaman the homage he deserves. Keep it up.

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Hero's Arms Hero's Arms

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank God

I'd just like to begin this review by saying thank you. Yes... thank you for this game.

As a small child in the Woodlands of Kasterlock, I was raised on the likes of Link, Mario, Kirby, and all the other 8-bit heroes (much like everyone else here), so I'll always have a soft spot for some retro-style gaming. And I dunno who you guys are, but you hit the nail on the head with this'n.

Maybe it was somewhere in the slapstick introduction. Perhaps it was somewhere between the goofy graphics and the killer 8-bit style text. Hell, it coulda been somewhere between the useless ramblings of villagers to the more, dare I say 'serious' tone of World 2. Wherever or whatever it was, this game's got me hooked. It's got the great Zelda vibe, while at the same time retaining a more 'contemporary' feel with the flash-style in-game graphics we all know and love. And yet somehow, this doesn't distract from the nostalgic retro feel I got when playing it.

The story is... erm... well, it takes a more straightforward path, be it in the humour of World 1 or the dank, gloomy atmosphere of World 2. There's no use of unnecessary rambling to be found here (well, for the most part) - just a nice, straightforward game. No tutorials. No detailed ramblings on how to play (I mean hell, it's written on the in-town signs). Just load it up and get you ass 'ta playin, and honestly would be have it any other way?

Though it can get tiring at times taking the same world map to get to side-dungeons and encounter bosses, it's actually worth it. There's enough here to keep you hooked 'til the end, thanks to the awesome progression. Half the time I zoned out and forgot why I was playing (in terms of a story), and didn't care; I just wanted to find the next palace and destroy the next boss, dammit!

Mix one part fantastically polished graphics, add a dash of classic (S)NES-style feel, top with a clever variety of enemies, items, and weaponry, and you got yourself a nice tasty dish. What's not to love? Honestly, I don't think I'd *want* to meet the man who doesn't appreciate a game such as this.

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The Great Siege The Great Siege

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The siege was great, m'lord

From the second I loaded this bad boy up, expectations were high. First off, I love the medieval setting for strategy and defense games (obvious Age of Empires reference), and secondly... well, there is no secondly. I just wanted to reference 'ole AoE.

In any case, though, this game did not disappoint. Sure it's an old concept (Epic War, anyone?) but who cares... if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? From the catapult launching to the nice balance of the upgrade system (well, for the most part), everything flowed very smoothly from start to finish; I just wish it were longer, more challenging, and a bit more varied.

Now don't get me wrong - this game is beautiful: everything from the vivid, colourful graphics to the soundtrack and sound effects were spot-on... there were just a few things that, like most others, I found a bit annoying, if not distracting.

For instance, why would an army of goblins (pretty suure that's what they were) be hanging around a town of bulls? After demolishing the first level with naught but my trusty catapault (I would like to break out of context here for a moment to issue a public apology to my space bar...) and moving on to the second, I was hoping for a bit more variation within the enemies and their techniques. I mean sure, keeping a basic soldier or two I can see, but at least change their colour or something. The addition of stronger enemies along the way was almost enough to compensate for this, but eh...

And while it's still fresh in my mind, I'm a bit hesitant to play this game again for fear that the infinitely useful, elongated rectangular key known as the space bar will give me a metaphorical "fuck you" and quit it's job. The addition of an optional "auto-fire" would be nice as mentioned in some previous reviews - just a thought. Sticking with that, I'm not sure if I overlooked some controls here, but having a hotkey to auto-deploy your soldiers would be just so great. Heh.

And last on the menu is the upgrade scheme. Don't get me wrong, the town was designed beautifully, but maybe adding a few more upgrade options would zazz things up a bit. I had the entirety of my army I was using regularly (and then some) as well as my wall and catapult fully upgraded before even the last level. How... boring. Maybe add an option to fire 'special rounds' from the almighty death-launcher or something.

Really, though, those were the only things that kept this game from being perfect in my eyes. As mentioned, the game as a whole was designed beautifully, with the soundtrack fitting perfectly. Just work out a couple snags and you'll have a real winner on your hands, methinks.

Or don't. Either way...

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Cookie Tycoon Cookie Tycoon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I don't get it...

Do you people just suck at playing games or what?

Seriously. It wasn't that hard. It's not a mindless point-and-click shooter. And really, it's not that challenging of a strategy game, either. Sure, the animation isn't top-notch and the music quality is a little fuzzy, but who cares? A decent game is a decent game.

Hire one low-salary chef. That's really all you need. You CAN hire your other employees if you'd like, but not necessary, really. Who cares if the kids say your product sucks - they still buy them.

Have your chef bake all their products. Make 5 of each. Set your price to $100 - $200. Sell. Enjoy. I ended a "short game" with $26,720, fully renovated.

Stop complaining about completely irrelevant topics. You hated the game, so the music sucked. Yet I'm willing to bet if you did decently, the music would not have been an issue here. You love tycoon games, yet you couldn't figure this one out so it sucked.

Just play the game. If you're too stupid to figure it out, don't blame the creator.

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Defend! Defend!

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Little bit of skill...

...lotta bit of luck.

Kind of like a train wreck, in that it's so horrible you can't help but play it, just for some sort of self-satisfaction of attempting to crack the pattern of an uncrackable pattern. You know it can't happen, but my god you're going to MAKE it happen.

Stage 1 was not so bad (kind of hard to screw up shooting at one ship). Stage 2, however, is where all hope was lost for me. Random shooting in any direction does not make for a good cinematic (yeah, that's right - you can't control anything, but rather you are subjected to watching a single cannon miss its target seemingly every time it shoots).

It would seem that the further ahead you get with your money (being able to buy one - or even two - extra cannon(s) at the end of a round), the game would be a breeze. This, however, is not the case, as your cannons have a greater interest in attacking each OTHER rather than the enemy (I mean come on, when there's 12 cannons on the screen and your enemies still aren't getting killed, something's up).

Now there ARE some extra items and warriors along the way, such as the "infinitely useful" Marsh item, good for slowing down an enemy to 50% of its speed. I'm guessing this is so your cannon can have a few more seconds to randomly shoot in said enemy's general direction, maybe hitting him. Or, let us not forget the Warrior, which will patrol your land, killing enemies with a single touch. This is all fine and dandy, but rest assured after he kills 2 or 3 opposing warriors, he'll be shot to death by your own artillery. Great!

More aggravating than fun. More monotonous than unpredictable. This game is almost playable in that "oh my god, what is UP with this shit - come ON!!" sort of way. Don't expect anything great (or even decent for that matter) out of this one.

2 out of 10. I mean hey... at least the different types of enemies were coloured differently.

Goliath The Soothsayer Goliath The Soothsayer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Taken your blood pressure medication today?

Well if not, I would suggest it before loading this beast up. Expert planning on this game. With events such as the body floating above the bed, the "TV Room," the ending, and everything in-between... my GOD - this game about gave me a damn heart attack. After playing through Exmortis 1 & 2, however, I knew it would be a worthwhile venture, not just for some great scares, but some great storyline strategy as well, and while this can particular title can get irritating at times (well, if you don't have an eye for detail anyway), everything pans out and plays perfectly.

I don't wanna sit here and give anything away, which is what 80% of the other reviewers seem to do, but take my word for it - stick with this bad boy 'til the end - it's worth it.

Thank god there's people such as yourself who use flash for quality achievements, rather than blammed cockjoke movies.

Now if you'll excuse me, I off to go change my pants.

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Flanders Killer Easter Ed Flanders Killer Easter Ed

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Homer dun snapped, y0

Pretty good little game. I could see myself playing this every once in a while when I'm despirarely bored, but other than that it was nothing epic.

The character designs were pretty damn good, assuming you did them yourself. However, one thing I would have changed is the deaths - they could have been a little more varied (it was just a little uneventful seeing them die the same way every time), but other than that, no complaints in the graphics department. The backdrops on each scene were pleasant to look at, and being able to shoot certain elements in the backgrounds themselves was a pretty good addition.

Pretty good soundtrack in this one - some good Simpsons scores that brought back some memories from yeeeears ago. Props on that =D

As for the challenge, well... it wasn't exactly the most adrenaline-pumping game I've played. I think you had a pretty good concept as far as it goes - however, the execution was a little shabby. Maybe there should have been greater concequences if you accidentally shot someone you weren't supposed to? Also, maybe a health meter on the enemies would have made things a little more interesting. Maybe certain characters could take more shots than others - something like you had during the "Flanders Devil Battle" stage.

I did enjoy, though, the overall concept - traveling from scene to scene in Springfield hunting down the Flanders family was a very fine premise for this game. I'd be pretty interested in seeing a sequel or remake to / of this, seeing some improvements in the challenge factor, and maybe making it a little more interactive.

Overall, it was a pretty nice game, and you got a 9/10 and a 5/5 for the good work you put into it. A LOT better than half the other crap here on NG, and overall a nice little shooter game. Keep it up! =]

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Aprime responds:


I can barely right a review back
You said it all
Nothing to argue

Apart from the fact of that deatifiying 9
Thanks :D

Defend! Defend!

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Where's the challenge? Where's the fun?

I made it to the end of the game with a mere 2 damage on my castle. Just spam your left mouse button and upgrade your "bolt."

I had to beat it twice 'cause I just couldn't believe it was that easy...

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