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"Nooo! All he does is SPIN!"

You've got a new fan of the series.

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great game

very good game. became a bit routine after a while, and the puzzles were a bit predictable near the end - if it were any longer this would have been a problem, however i thought the game flowed perfectly.

took me a while, but i managed to get the 'real' ending. don't wanna give anything away, but it's worth the struggle. :)

Intriguing, to say the least

I'll admit I had no idea the "Sonny" series even existed 'til this submission, and boy am I kicking myself in the ass for that now. After completing this game and being well on my way to being the victor of the first, I gotta say, man... hats off to you!

Elements of old-school RPGs mixed with the not-so-irritating style of newer ones gave this game a perfect balance. It's short, to the point, and most importantly, it keeps you intrigued enough to actually care what the ending may hold - and that's good given it's overall length. Long but not too long, I pumped a couple of hours into this game before reaching the final cinematic, and didn't lose any interest along the way.

The graphics are fantastic - not overdone, but not lazily slapped together. The battle scenes as well as the towns, scenery, and characters seem to be put together meticulously, so great job on that.

The music and sound effects did a great job for setting the tone of wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing there, but to me, the voice acting is where the audio really shines in this one. Elements such as this help to keep you drawn in and develop some character development along the way.

It's challenging, though it could stand to be a little more-so - I played through as the Hydraulic Zombie and the further along I went, the battles almost became progressively easier. I could tell the programming and enemies' abilities were exactly what they needed to be, but as stated, no battle was especially tough to make me fear for my characters' lives.

A great game overall... I think I actually appreciate this more than the mainstream RPGs (*cough*finalfantasy*cough*) - it's straightforward, yet detailed enough to have kept me wanting to reach the end of this bad boy.

Ah, Megaman RPGs...

"Oh God... another Megaman RPG. Great."

After playing those other two, erm... 'lackluster' Megaman RPGs on here, I didn't have much hope for this one. Thank God you proved me wrong.

I'm not sure how much influence from the official Megaman RPG-style games (Battle Net? I have no clue...) you drew for this one, and frankly I don't care. This game is good and it's got me excited for the next installment. Gah, how I hate waiting!

The whole game just brought forth an original spin on what is hands-down my favourite classic video game series of all time. Battle Chips? Dunno where the hell they came from, but I like it! It's got all the elements of your standard RPG, what with your items, upgrades, armour, weaponry, so on and so forth, and if this is but a taste of what we'll be eating in the next few courses, you can rest assured I'll be tipping ten percent. ;-)

Scoring 8 for the "buggy, demo" feel overall, though that was not enough to keep me from enjoying this game the way it was meant to be enjoyed. It's good to see someone finally giving Megaman the homage he deserves. Keep it up.

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This is some good stuff, my man. I'm liking the hard, punchy bass with the ambient sounds / melodies; right up my ally for Hip Hop. Only thing that I feel would make it better is some vocals - possibly some slow "right in the feels" female vox... that's the kinda vibe I get from this track.

Either way, it's goin' on my favourites!

Very nice! I like your use of builds, breaks, and instrumentation - great composition in general. Has a really nice "impending doom" feel to me - a bit industrial at times, even. Makes me imagine some intense boss battle in a video game, so brownie points for that.

Overall, great work, dude!

LuisEC responds:

Thanks a lot!

Wow, dude. Very transcendent of your old stuff (coughsjdcough) ... Now don't get me wrong at all, I love about 98% of the stuff you do regardless, but this is just "damn" territory. I love the 'ambient' nature underlying this track in particular.

In my humble opinion, the addition of your new vocalist has taken Poniiboi to a whole new level, bro. I've been anxious for your new album for quite some time, and now even more so. Best of luck - here's to hoping you can set up a show around Missouri!

Poniiboi responds:

I appreciate the in depth review! Yes jee jee is a friggin monster, right? Now I gotta find a way to keep her happy, which is tougher than any music composition ever!!

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